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Bangkok means "village of the wild plum" it was founded in 1782
Bangkok really is an amazing city. I remember on my first trip over, at MBK, (a major shopping center) sitting there eating pizza on the fifth floor, people were walking by using on cell phones speaking different languages, Russian, Swedish, Thai, French, and a bit of English. The shopping if you're into it, is amazingly cheap, the food is fantastic. Steel and glass skyscrapers, five star hotels, crazy bars and tuk tuks screaming around everywhere, it's a wackie place!


The new airport railroad link is finally finished, now supposedly you can take the SkyTrain from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok, then get on the SkyTrain and it will take you wherever you need to go. Don't forget about taxi's and tuk tuks which are a LOT more reasonably priced than in the U.S. or anywhere else I suspect. I really enjoy tuk tuks. They can go where no taxi can go, cheap, the wind is in your hair, it really is a great way to travel for short distances. I was reading where someone said why take a tuk tuk when you can take a taxi for about the same price. Because, tuk tuks go around the taxi's and down narrow streets with no problem! You may very well be sitting in traffic while in a taxi, but if you can take a tuk tuk, you may be already there. There is a lot to see, you'll just need to go over the map and make a plan. The SKYTRAIN has a service to help you if you are lost or needed to be pointed in the right direction. Click here for SkyTrain information. The air conditioning is cold, it's clean, it's the way to travel! Although, as mentioned, sometimes the SkyTrain (which I personally love) will not get you where you need to go, in which case you'll get off the Sky Train and get on the Subway (MRT). Two amazing mass transit services in Bangkok Thailand.

Soi this, soi that...

What all all these Soi's about? Soi means lane in Thai. Which is exactly what they are. These Soi's sometimes don't connect to another Soi's, they just go down to the end and stop. Otherwise, it's about the same as anywhere else. And thankfully most of it is in English. Soi 7, is just down from Soi 8, though sometimes you have to cross the street to find what you're looking for, drink plenty of water, lay off the hard stuff, walk slowly, it will take awhile for your body to adjust to the heat.

Renting A Car

Just say no. My friend Dale from the U.S. has the knack and experience, he can drive around Bangkok with little trouble, he's one of the few. If you need a car, it is a better idea to hire a car and driver. (taxi)  Both will come at a reasonable price, but driving in Bangkok? Personally, I would leave it to someone who knows the city. Find a friendly taxi driver and ask him how much to go, where-ever you want to go. Or how much it would be to hire him and his car for the day. I've had luck with the taxi's that I hire to take me from the airport, often they will say, "If you want to go somewhere, here my card, please call me, I give good price" And they really do, ask first how much, then pay at the end of the trip and tip generously. Pay for the food and you might just have made a friend for life. One Caveat, if you want to rent a car to drive up north of the city or to another province, good idea, that makes sense. It's just that the traffic in Bangkok is best left to the Bangkokians.


  • You have come to Bangkok expecting a bargain and you will get it when it comes to hotels. It's better to book online, I personally use for the best prices. (no I don't get any favor from printing this) They just have all the hotels and at a better price than you can get at the hotel counter.
  • Choose wisely my friend. Do your homework, read the reviews then book it, if only for a couple of nights. There are so many hotels in Bangkok, I like to stay in one for a couple nights then move on to another. I have some personal favorites and I will tell you what and where they are, but it actually depends on who you're with, what you plan on doing and what part of town you want to be in. As well as how much money that you are willing to part with. So click here, HOTELS, for a general listing. And personal reviews.
  • (I really want to lay by the pool and be pampered.) Which is what nearly every woman says it seems. Sure, you can do that, but at a five star hotel, that really does come at a price. If you have the cash you and your loved one can be pampered all day and be in the lap of luxury. For a price that would just cover the room in Beverly Hills. I would just politely state that maybe you got the room at a good price, but a lot of these hotels make up the money in extras. So, a drink by the pool in Bangkok, could be the same price as a drink by the pool in Beverly Hills. I've personally found this to be true. Check the BAHT / DOLLAR exchange rate. The third beverage that she is drinking by the pool is 500 baht? At today's exchange rate that's 15 bucks each! Know your Baht, check your prices.
Just about anywhere you go, you will find fantastic food. I particularly enjoy the  little stands on the street. I love all the sticky rice, pork that they have. I will just about try anything.
But, am not a fan of Durion. (the smelly fruit)
I personally recommend MK, which is a chain restaurant here in Thailand. You'll order off the menu, they will put the hot pot in the middle of the table, they will bring you the items, (greens, shrimp, beef, fish etc..) and you will boil it put it on your plate and top with some tasty..toppings. You wanted everything to be  fresh right? Well, it doesn't get fresher. There is on at MBK Shopping center, Siam Square and other locations throughout Thailand.
Also, that hairy fruit, that is Rumbutan. It is fantastic and good for you and cheap.
Get twenty of em, take them back to your hotel as a snack. It tastes like a grape and is very high in vitamin C.  Ask the vendor to show you how to open it up.

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